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North Star Book

From The Hot Dish: "The logo on the cover of Northstar Cocktails, the new cocktail guide by local cocktail superstars Johnny Michaels and the North Star Bartenders' Guild, could be suitable as a super cool rock band logo; this is no coincidence--the guys and gals who created the recipes in this extensive guide are local mixology rock stars, pushing the boundaries of cocktail culture, taking the classics and adding their own unique riffs..."

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Johnny's Cocktail

From The Hot Dish: "There is no question that Johnny Michaels is the man. With that effortless cool that rock stars affect, he shakes out cleverly named cocktails without so much as a smirk. The man literally wrote the book (Northstar Cocktails) on craft cocktails. These drinks are every bit as elegant as the James Beard Award-winning restaurant's surroundings demand...."

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Johnny Mixing

From CBS Minnesota: "Mixologist Johnny Michaels is a pioneer in the art of making cocktails. He has written for several publications, including a monthly article for Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine, inspired other bartenders to stay relentless in the art form and designed the cocktail menus for restaurants in the area..."